Saturday, November 28, 2009

crazy description.

You know, whoever who said that long holidays have no drawbacks is wrong. Yep.
Because the thing with long holidays is that at one point, you are gonna get bored.
I actually haven't reached that part yet, being that I am still anticipating a BIG event of going on a MEGA shopping spree with my bffs, watch movies, lepak-ing at Vivo and having one hell of a slumber party.

Although, I might mention somewhere that I am sort of facing a financial problem right now...

Ahh, the heck right?
But that's my point exactly. After all that, what am I gonna do?
I know I planned to redecorate my room, read novels and watch movie, but what happens after?
Not to mention that, turns out my room is too crowded already to be redecorated, the first season of The Mentalist I have already finished, season 3 of Gossip Girl is not out yet......
And I'm not allowed to drive car on my own to go see my friends and that's not cool because my sister is having the exam and I'm not suppose to make any noise at home. That's damning, because how else am I going to sing my heart out to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?
I can't even be in my own room because it is currently occupied by my dear sister.

It's a sad day on Earth when a person is not allowed to be in his/her room.

Ooh. I think channel 5 is showing The Pirates Of the Carribean now.
Guess i can go watch that.
Johnny wait for me!! =D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the queen B is back!

Okay, I have a problem. And when i cannot get an uneasy feeling off my chest, i get all cranky and weird. It's best to not risk that, so here I am.

1. Taking a condescending tone with me is ssoooo not a good idea.

You know how you sound like an A-hole when you take that tone with me? Yes, you do.

2. Earn your respect Goddamn it!

You cannot make ME, or anyone else respect you, if you don't respect us first, capish? You think respect is just gonna come to you when you beckon it with your finger? No. Life's a bitch, and so am I. You gottan earn it.

3. Curse you, curse you.

My silence is fake. If only you can put a microphone inside my heart and my brain. I shut my mouth because I don't wanna degrade myself by bitching out loud.


Yes, I can get murderous. escpecially when you treat me like a worthless piece of shit. It's time you open your eyes and see that putting me down with your words and treating me like i'm aint worth a damn is gonna come haunt you. I'm gonna kick ass. try to bring me down with your mean words. I worth more than what you think. If you can't see that, you are blind. And i feel sorry for you. Because beneath all that, you're PATHETIC.

That's better.
Sometimes you just gotta break the dam and let the water flow.
Because the pressure is just too damn high for me to handle.

Monday, November 23, 2009

come fly with me :)

i'm back at home! ;)

It's a great feeling beybeyh!

Friday, November 20, 2009

the end is the beginning.

Today was the day when Ausmat students in KBU class 2009 graduated.

17 months ago, I entered a hall in Kbu. The hall was full with people, and I remembered feeling bewildered by all the excitement and the whole activity there. I looked around, looking for the one familiar face I knew I would find. My schoolmate, Fatin. She was the only other girl from my school to be in the same place as I was. I remember thinking to myself, that I shall involve with no shenanegans hereonwards . No sir, I was determined to not get into any trouble.

17 months have passed, and I am proud to say that indeed I haven't got myself into any pickle. Well, even if I had, it was nothing that could not be handled. Alhamdulillah. And this I have to say, is something that could not be achieved without my friends and my family although they seem to be far away from me.

Is there a way to express this gratitude and happiness on finding such precious jewels like you are? No words can ever do me justice. Maybe, I could have made it through Ausmat without you. But would it be as fun? As memorable? As crazy? As insanely adventurous?
While Ausmat may be the ride of my life, it wasn't always the fun ride. It was also exhausting. Effingly frustrating. And mightily daunting. But because we're in this same rocky boat, we became closer than ever. You've become my family. We have become a family.

Now, the end has come. Some of us might not see each other again. Some may end up at the same place again, wherever that may be. (Wherever that may be, I'll be wishing you the best.)
But let's not say goodbye. Because family never say goodbyes. We don't bid adieu to our own kin because no matter what happens, no matter where we are, or who we have become, this tie cannot be severed.

Someday, when I look back into this precious time of my life, I will laugh. I will cry. And I will definitely feel nostalgic. I will miss everything that has happened here. Even if I can no longer remember it, it will be somewhere at the back of my mind, it will be among all the other collections of memories that I have. And when that happens, it will be a shame because I wish with all my might that I could remember everything. The good. The bad. The pain. The relief. The fun. The effery.

As Aerosmith goes, "I don't wanna miss a thing."

But as long as I still have these memories with me, as long as they are still are a part of me, each one of you, every places, every seconds that have passed, will always be with me no matter where I go. So I guess, you have no choice peeps, but to be stuck with me forever! Haha!

Or... Rather, I'll be stuck with you.

I guess, even as life goes on I'll be carrying you around too. In this fond memories I have. =)

Before I say "Till we meet again", I would like to extend my humble apology to anyone that I've wronged. I hope you'll believe me when I say I'm not sadistic, because never would I wish to have caused any anger, or inflict any pain on anyone. If I did, it was unintentionally, and imperviously done. You have seen my virtues, and I definitely have my vices. But I truly wish that if I were to be remembered by anyone, I would be remembered for my...

VICES beybeyh. Because being bad is just oh-so-delicous and irresistable.
You know I'm bad, I'm bad~ You know it, you know... WHoo!

Um, yeah, sorry. I had a momentarily lapse of sanity and moral. =p
Pish posh, of course I wish to be remembered for my virtues! Sheesh. Even if being bad makes its way into Michael Jackson's song, Bad.
I know I can get a little (OKay, a lot.) cuckoo sometimes, (Alright, all the time!),
but this one cuckoo I'll guarantee you'll miss. xoxo!

Ya, my roomate, I'm referring to you. Yes, you.

Well, now. I'll still be updating my blog. So it isn't really a goodbye.

Until we meet again, stranger. *rides on a horse into the sunset*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the rain makes it.

I'll be leaving this place in 3 more days. 3 days doesn't seem very far away, but it feels like it.

Gah, one down side about post-examination is that, your life suddenly feels empty. Fun at first, hell yeah, but as day turns to night, and I was running around from places to places, wearing myself out to the bones, I lose all sense of time. Night feels like day and day is sometimes as bleak as night.

Time slows down to a crawl. And my mind floats on a cloud. I feel hazy. Wondering around without a purpose. I suppose it feels good to not have to rack my brain for a chance, but I'm starting to feel useless. And it hasn't stop raining ever since..

The one thing about rain is, it's good for the plants. The trees, the grass, the soil.. Must feel like festival to them, a celebration of flowing water. But, I guess I'm more of a sun person. Rainy days like these makes me feel morose.

Hence, the emo post.

I miss you Mr Sun. When I look up through my window, all I see is grey sky. And clouds that aren't white. (But of course, duh!)

I feel as empty as my locker cum closet now. I was hit with a sudden longing to go on a picnic. It would be fun to spread a wide big cloth on the grass, and along with me, a basket full of bread and croissant. With strawberry jam and tuna spread with slices of cheese and ham. And a glass of orange juice or cold milk. A picnic at the meadow.

And then, a man without a stitch of clothing would come out of the bush... A man who look very much like Eric Bana.......

Ooops, sorry, this is not my daydream, this is more like a scene in The Time Traveler's Wife.

My baaaaaaaaaaaaadd. =p

I wanna see the sun. I miss you warmth and your bright rays. Come on out for me will ya? ;;)
And my laundry is piling up. :(

Friday, November 13, 2009

va va voom

Well! We survived didn't we?

There was a time when a thought this day would never come! Muahahah!!!

I'm eyeing all the dvds on the shelves bebeyh. And the books in mph. Mph should really have more sales. I mean, why is it that only clothes shops have sales often?? It's not good for my overly easily excited shopping drive.

I know everyone is busy talking about how excited they are now that TEE has ended, Ausmat has ended, blahblah blahhh, and i'm gonna talk about it too. Except that mine's special. Because I had a date on that final day of TEE.

Yeah baby yeah. A date!

With who? Ahaha.. You people will know this date of mine for sure.. Very famous this person. Very hot. In fact, super hot! Sape weyh????

Megan Fox. *wolf whistle! I know you want to!!*
And, no I'm not a les-gay. I definitely like guys. So I guess that makes me a bi.

Juuuust kidding. =p

Almost believable, but no. My mom and dad will kill me first and then disown me. Despite coming from a school which is 45% populated by lez and girls who try to grow moustache, I am proud to declare that my girlish hormone is true to its owner people. Thank goodness for that.

Anyways, the so-called date actually involved more than two person (Megan and Me).

My classmates were there as well. I soooooo want to watch The Time Traveler's Wife. I mean, hellooooo Eric Bana Kot!!!! But, I did want to watch Jen's Body too, so when that was the only ticket left, we took it and I didn't mind it. It was for the better maybe. I don't like watching sad movies with a lot of people. It's hard for me to supress my emotions inside. Sad, heavy movies and books are for me to be alone with my own imaginations and emotions.

Besides, let's not risk the chance that I might be drooooling while gawking at Eric in the cinema sitting beside my classmates. That would be totally unprofessional.
So does that mean that I did not drool watching Megan doing her thang (by this, I meant eating some poor sucker's guts out)? Well, I might. If I had the Y chromosome in my DNA.

Which I don't~

Overall, the film was a bit lousy. And totally and wholly unrealistic. I dunno, horror movies aren't my cup of tea. Cynic and jaded that I am, I find that horror movies nowadays not quite frigthening. Hence, my preference for psycho and messed up movies like the whole series of Saw. Oh, and I like Quarantine. Psycho movies are scarier because I know it's true that sometimes human beings can be worse than monsters.

Back to what I was saying...

Before the movie, we went bowling. I must say, I've become rusty. My bowling skills suck harder than vaccuum. But no one could beat MB on his wonderful skill of ensuring the bowling balls following the path provided either side of the lane. By this I mean the 'longkang'. Hence, MB, I hereby mengisytiharkan that you are the MENTERI BOWLING. ^__^

Hahaha... Don't kill me. You'll only get this from me for one more week!

Izzat squared 'i' is the new upcoming pemain Bowling Negara. I have to say, you two make a good bowling couple. Skill memang mantap la!

Oh, hey, and I wasn't the only person with a date that day. Rumour has it, that there's a new love bird in town. Rumour has it la.... Could be true, could be just, well, rumours. All I'm saying is, when we were at the bowling place, 'two people' just couldn't stop blushing more. And I had to fight the urge of crying tears of joy (poyo gile~~) for these two beloved friend of mine. I just want to say, "You d man laa weeyyyy!". Oops! Maybe a little premature to say anything now. But, who knows? Tiramisu cake and a gentleman-like manner just may work their magic!Heheh..You have my prayers and blessings.

Gosh, I feel like Gossip Girl posting all this stuff about other people lifein a blog. Should stop nosing around now! Kire commercial lah. Talking about me and myself all the time can get pretty boring. Not to mention waaay too vain. =p


Well, that's it for now. Will keep you updated with my 'fun time after TEE'. It's a date!