Thursday, December 25, 2008

attention! holiday assignment kat sini!!

Section A

Read the following questions and answer in the given answer space under the title 'post comment'.
You will be given 15 minutes to answer these questions. Transfer your answers into the answer space. No extra time will be given for you to transfer your answers.

sape rase dy pandai, a real genius, marvelous prodigy, kook-a-brain!,
sile jawab.......... heheh..

soklan2 ni pernah ditanye pade putera indera kayangan, tp unfair laa kalaw orang laen x diberi peluang ntuk menjawab soklan2 ni... ^^

soalan 1 :

beruk apekah yang berwarne hijau?

soalan 2 :

burung apakah yang paling baek?

soalan 3 :

ikan ape yang berbulu?

to all candidates who attempted to answer these questions,
the answer will be released 7 days after this post is delivered.
please contact 60377273200.
p/s: and don't worry, i will not be going on a holiday, neither will i be in a meeting when you try to reach me. thank you.


kene tag la.... :))

Here are the rules ;

1. List these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
3. Tag 10 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blog.
4. Link the person who tagged you.
5. Leave a comment for each blogger.
6.You are not allowed to tag back the person who tagged you.

7 facts about me??
1. i'm called nad!
2. i am short-sighted
3. i was born in Hospital Besar Kota Bahru,Kelantan.
4. i talk a LOT
5. i prefer sunflower and daisies to roses.
6. suke pedassss!! hot and spicy is the way to go! yeah!
7. i have one elder brother, one elder sister and one younger sister.

again????oh my.....

01. what is the most important thing in your life ?

= love, joy, faith and optimism

02. what is the last thing you bought with your own money?
= komik One Piece :)

03. where do you wish to get married ?
= kat rumah sndiri lagi best kot. yang penting bukan kat thailand.

04. how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover ?
= huh? jodoh tu di tangan Nya.

05. are you in love ?
= not yet.

06. where was the last restaurant you had dinner at ?
= ade satu kedai kat shah alam ni. seksyen 18. kedai sup.. yummy! pedas smpi meletop beb!

07. name the latest book you bought ?
= the rose thieves by Heidi Jon Schmidt

08. what is your full name ?
= Nadhirah 'Afiah binti Ahmad Hisham. people always miss the middle 'h' in my first name and the ' before my second name. and most of the time, many people can't say my name right and always think my name is Nadiah. *sigh* just call me Nad, that would be fine. :))

09. do you prefer mother or father?
= both are important.

10. name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time?
= sir isaac newton. i just want to see a real genius up close.

11. christina or britney?
= i'm straight, no thanks.

12. do you do your own laundry?
= yes! and i'm proud that i do!

13. the most exciting place you want to go?
= egypt! pyramids, mummies and camels!!!

14. hugs or kisses ?
= due2 boleh ke? *ahahah~*

15. point out five things about the person who tagged you
= pakai specs,gayu,kedah-an,suke anime dan manga, aaaand we call her anneh. :)

16. eight things i’m passionate about
= 1. books
2. manga/animes
3. history
4. music! woot!
5. miaaoow~
6. shoes,shoes,shoes
7. protecting the rights of children and women
8. arts. need i say more?

17. eight books i have read recently
= 1. Boy by roald dahl
2. The rose thieves by heidi jon schmidt
3. Eat pray laugh by elizabeth gilbert
4. One child by torey hayden
5. Harry potter and the half-blood prince by j.k rowling
6. Revolting rhymes by roald dahl
7. Angels and demons by dan brown
8. Desert flower by waris dirie

18. eight songs i’ve been listening over and over again
= 1. 15 step - Radiohead
2. ava adore - smashing pumpkins
3. opera#2 - vitas!!!!
4. on the radio - regina spektor
5. love song - sara bareilles
6. make it mine - jason mraz
7. neon - john mayer
8. supermassive black hole - muse

19. eight things i learned this year
= 1. english is not as easy as you think
2. people can't always accept you the way you are
3. it's better to be myself than to be a pretender
4. i will always be the angsty teenager whenever i'm around my family
5. pimples are NOT fun.
6. my chemistry sucks.
7. there are just too many weird and funny people out there
8. girls should always beware of GROPERS!!! argh! tangan mereka mmg x reti dudok diam!

20. 10 persons you tag
= 1.azreen lalink ku~
2. nana
3. elya
4. aisu
5. ya a.k.a brad
6. indera
7. sue
8. zhaf
9. izzati
10. woei song

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


best gile kot bace one piece!!! ^^

setelah sekian lamenye aq meninggalkan one piece,
harge sebuah komik sekarang ni dah naik.
daripada rm4.50 skang da jadi rm5.80.


gile laa wey!! naik rm1.30?????????
ini dah melanggar hukum profit-loss economics!!!!
kalaw mr.kok(econs) nmpk harge buku komik ni dan meng-compare-kan dgn harge komik dulu, sure dy akan letak jawatan sbagai lecturer econs dan pegi menjual komik instead.
i mean... (sori mr kok sbb melibatkan sir!! :P)
aq tnye kat mamak yg bukak kedai komik kat CS tu (aq pelanggan setia since darjah 5)

"mamak, harge komik naik ek? komik buat pakai minyak ke??"

sbb tu laa skang ni online manga lagi popular kot.
convenient. senang. simple.
hanya petik dihujung jari dan TADAAA~
anda dah boleyh bace komik.
tapi aq lagi suke kalaw dpt pegang buku komik tu dan bace kot.
sebab boleyh belek2. and then boleh simpan.
ok la, storage will be quite a problem. kalaw sebuah siri komik ade 54++ siri mcm
dragon ball tu, tambah lagi dgn GTO yang ade dalam 40++ buku.... ade lagi Eiji,Get Backers,Doraemon,Kindaichi....
AGAK banyak.
sebab tu laa kot bedroom aq penuh dgn komik je.
komik on the shelves, buku sekolah plak aq susun tepi meja kat atas lantai.
Kreko aq susun tepi pintu masuk bilik.
tapi skang da tak bace kreko dah.
nampaknye kalaw nak bace eyeshield 21 ngan bleach ngan hitman reborn, aq kene laa bace online....
aiii, ape agaknye dah jadik dgn diorang????
i don't think aq ade mase nak bace kot next year.
Ausmat year...


kene tunggu disember tahun depan laa nampaknye..
wait for me k!

aq ske sanji~~
he can cook, he's cool, and he's a gentle man. ^^
but.. he's also a pervert. :p

Sunday, December 14, 2008

i'm still a rebel.

if i could describe my feelings right now, it would be something like this.

very very close to that.

tgh geram gile ni. klaw aq mencarot, 400m/s-2 sure tak abis lagi.

i thought that i would be more grown up now.
more mature somehow.
i want to be able to get a hold on my emotions better.
but i guess things can't always go according to plan.

why can't i be good and submissive like nadiah?
why do i have to be the rebel one?

after all these years i thought you would have known now that i like to be contrary.
tell me to be a doctor, i will say that i want to be an architect.
if you tell me to NOT do that, i will do EXACTLY that.
i think it's better if you don't try to keep me at one place because that will just cause me to run faster and further away.

so, my lecturer said you can't fight fire with fire.
i think, damn straight.

home sweet home.
what a load of bullocks.

Friday, December 12, 2008

ni ntuk kamu


remember form 1?
in class, you sat in front of me.
i asked, "awak, boleh x kite pinjam roller awak?"
i was the yellow team cheerleader,
and you were the green team cheerleader.
we practiced our routines in the back of the classroom.
you went,
"down by the padang where everybody is
we are the green house girls, cheering like this"

and i sang,
"i said girl! it's cold in here!
there must be some yellow in the atmosphere"
oh, and, Periuk Hitam
Aina read the poem with her beautiful voice,
i played the ungrateful daughter
who screamed at you
because you scratched my non-stick pan,
and you, were the helpless old mother
who had sacrificed everyting for me.
that was quite a laugh.. haha..
and then, we joined the choir club, right?
and the evening of Malam Kebudayaan,
we had to swallow raw egg yolk
on that eventful night, we were running late
so we had to run in our songket and selendang
across the parking lot in the drizzling rain...

and form 2,
remember Pn. Endong? :)
we skipped sejarah and geografi,
hid in the music room,
finally busted by our beloved teacher..
had to stand in front of the classroom,
when suddenly nazee's alarm watch buzzed,
and Pn Endong said, "whose handphone is that???"
nazee with her poker face replied, "my watch,teacher."
remember, Hutan Bandar?
we were suppose to be doing our geografi assignment,
but we skipped that and played the swing instead?
Won Bin in Friends,
Eminem's Superman song,
Mariah Carey..
Alaf 21 novels,
Ahadiat Akashah :))
karaoke box and arcade in Leisure Mall,
Pelangi Mall..Cs...
hey, and nasi lemak from mak cik Saujana!

form 3,
stress!! exams!!!
music club trip to kl
we were very excited to see
the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra performing in Klcc,
'Doing that thing you do' was playing
about ten times in the bus and we sang along to it..
our first trip together,no? :))
the whole caklempong team
performed in Eden Garden,Mawar,
i played 1-3,
and you were the talented photographer.
and do you recall,
cicak in the mee soup??????
Takuya Kimura in Beautiful Life,
Me getting all crazy over Gundam Seed
and very very crazy over Harry Potter
and The Order of The Phoenix,
And you, kept on repeating to me
that, "They are not real!!!"
Final Fantasy x-2.
Me: Yuna, You: Rikku, Nazee: Paine
Marriage d'Amour...
and again, choir performance
in New York hotel,
one night before PMR..
'killing me softly' and 'kasih'.
i don't think you could ever forget,
Miss Loh.
yes, the famous,sarcastic math teacher..
and her favourite line is,
"awak semua da cacat otak ke??"
hahahahah~~ ^^
hey, and you were upset on Solat hajat night.
your parents couldn't make it that night,
we group hugged.

the following year, form 4.
we got into different classes.
i got depressed being in the first class right?
and you were having the time of your life..
but that was fine by me,
because we still have tuition classes together.
mr Gobi's add-maths class every monday evening,
physics at sasi's house every saturday night,
and chemistry at 9 am every sunday,
art class at Page One at 11.
remember, we have to carry those big art files
and walk around in Leisure Mall?
waffles with strawberry and chocolate toppings!
hey, and simren screamed in the car
on our way to mr gobi's class,
a lizard was crossing the road,
she screamed,
"aaaaaaaaaaargh!! a crocodile!!!!"
and we discovered
Panic! at The Disco first
before anyone else in school right?
'I write sins not tragedies',
'London Beckoned Songs About Money',
'But it's better if you do',
'Lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off'

and, Corrine Bailey Rae,
Lily Allen..
haha.. and novels. *wink wink*

the final year.
you, painting the town red
in your yellow satria.
more novels....
Add-math tuition
on Friday nights,
Arts on saturdays and sundays...
boriiing biology on Weds,
and you always stayed back at my house
after school every Wednesday,
Chemistry on Tuesdays..
Oh, George~ *wink wink*
sleepover at your house.
haha.. and ONE.FATEFUL.DAY.
after school,
where we entered my dad's car
after we sat near the grass,
and i smelled s**t.
we were already sitting on the seats,
and i lifted our begs to check
where the smell was coming from...
I had, cat's dung smeared all over my hand
because you had,taik kucing all over your bag .
my dad's car seats, got some of it also.
it was, as funny as hell,
but pretty darned disgusting too.
all in all, that was the toooooooooot-est day of my life.
but definitely unforgetable. :))

there's more right?
we dressed as gypsies on I.U day,
nazee, as cleopatra,
punjabi suits,
and pirates!!
definitely more.
i'll have you know, that
our friendship
is not just a bunch of memories,
it's not just about
you, nazee,elya, and i,
but it's about the people around us at that time too.
it's something that
you don't encounter everyday in your life.
and that makes it precious.

friends come and go.
but all of you will stay here.

rooted in my heart.

seared in my memories.
imprinted in my soul.

in photo albums and computer files too. :)

ps:- i love u guys.the galaxy's best-est friends ever.



that's you, aisu

Thursday, December 11, 2008

endearing nicknames.

natto. nad. nad-chan. ifa. godzilla. nenek. nanny. mowgli. cicak. lidi. misao-chan.

semua ni name gelaran aq kot? since kecik, ade je name yg org bgi kat aq. kekadang name tu aq create sendiri.^^

ok, so natto, nad and nad-chan bukan laa name yang pelik sangat right? tapi yang laen2 tu..... ????????

O________O godzilla?? mowgli? cicak?? what the...???

begini laa cite dy...
when i was a little girl, all young and innocent, (betul.. x tipu...) i was very very kurus. seriously. x tipu. kurus mcm bdak2 kat africa yang kekurangan nutrisi tu. yes, that was me. (EXCEPT that i was not buncit, ok.) (dan kulitku x gelap..)
it's not like i didn't eat much. believe me, i ate A LOT. but somehow, because i have a condition of being
too hyperactive, melompat2 mcm beruk yang x reti dudok diam, all those carbs and calories just burnt away~~ (alangkah bahagienye kalau aq macam tu skarang) *sigh*

hence, the nickname cicak....

but why cicak?????? arghhh~~
ask my cousin,raman, since he was the one who dubbed me with this lizardy name.
he said, quote,

"seriously, you look like a cicak. and when you walk around with your shorts and that mopey black hair of yours, you look like MOWGLI."

MOWGLI???????? from freakin' junglebook??

okay, i'd soo much rather be baloo. at least he's cute and he is such a dearie bear.
i'm not a a jungle boy! i'm not!

can u imagine, me, a 6-year old girl being called mowgli, the puny-mopey-blackhair-boy-who-prances-around-the-jungle-with-nothing-on-except-for-a-pair-of-shorts-and-make-friends-with-a-bear-and-a-jaguar????
every little girl has a dream of being a princess in Disneyland, but my cousin just had to go and trample all over that dream of mine!

dalam 2 tahun yg lepas pulak, he said, i have an uncanny resemblance with misao-chan,
as in the noisy, annoying girl in samurai X.
i was 16, for god's sake....
(takpe la.. sekureng-kurengnye, dapat juge aq bersame dgn aoshi-sama~~)

abang aq pulak laen cerite....
apparently, i was a godzilla, and when i whine, i sounded like fran-the-nanny.
semuanye bermule dgn kehadiran cikgu tae kwan do aq. (mr. tan, i still remember u).
ketike itu, aq hanyelah sorang budak yang berumur 7 tahun..
dan ketike itu jugelah, setiap kali mr. tan memanggil name aq kat dalam kelas tu, dy akan memanggil,


xkan laa aq nak bwat2 x paham plak. da memang dy panggil name aq. aq menyedari yang name aq mmg agak sukar untuk di-pronounce. na-dhi-rah. na-dhi-rah.
aq give up.
ketike tu jugak la, ikram bagitau aq, "NAJILA? hm... bunyi cam Godzilla je?"
AND then he laughed maniacally.

dan kebetulan pule, suare aq mmg sengau pade ketika itu. dan series 'The Nanny' plak mase tu tgh sangat famous... maka, aq pun jadi la
godzilla+the nanny


"who's your nanny????"

it's not a hard equation......

so people, my name is Nadhirah 'afiah. u may call me natto or nad please. thank you. :)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Saturday, December 6, 2008


hey, this is for those who have gone through the excruciating Ielts.

Follow through
Make your dreams come true
Don't give up the fight
You will be alright
'Cause there's no one like you in the universe
Don't be afraid
What your mind conceives
You should make a stand
Stand up for what you believe
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible
During the struggle
They will pull us down
But please, please
Let's use this chance
To turn things around
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible
Do it on your own
It makes no difference to me
What you leave behind
What you choose to be
And whatever they say
Your souls unbreakable
During the struggle
They will pull us down
But please, please
Let's use this chance
To turn things around
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible
Together we're invincible
During the struggle
They will pull us down
Please, please
Let's use this chance
To turn things around
And tonight
We can truly say
Together we're invincible
Together we're invincible...
p/s: this song is entitled 'invisible'. Muse. thank you matt bellamy, for making me feel so much better.
Ielts is over, and i have given what i could. I have tried my best. I leave the rest to God. :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

escape to africa,mamak,thumbnail,karaoke, dan pool.


Sekumpulan bdak2 yg cun,comel,hensem,macho dan berbau wangi tlah kluar ke GSC OU utk menonton sekumpulan haiwan2 yg ter-escape dr zoo NY ke Africa....

Tepat pade pukul 9.40pm, seorng bdak bername nad tlah minom secawan MOCHA yg tlah dibancuh sndiri stelah study 4m/s ECON slame satu jam. Pade pukol 10pm, bliau mandi krane mndapati bhawe beliau brase HOT krane tlah minom mocha yg HOT juga tadi.. Kemudian, pade 10.40pm, setelah kiss goodbye kpade housemate2 nye yg terchenta, beliau keluar rumah dgn kedua2 belah kasut yg belom dipakai di kedua belah tangan dan mendapati bhawe seorg makhluk yg hensem (poyo laa tu) yg menaiki motor berwarne hijau terpacul di depan gate rumahnye. Makhluk tersebut di-identify sbgai indera putera kayangan. (name glamour abes^^). Kemudian, bwat pertame kalinye nad menaiki motor (velocity of jantung = 100m/s) ke sebuah rumah yg ber-neighbourkan pondok pak guard hensem. (nana pnye. xleyh kacao). Di sini, indera, nad dan uztad mnuggu ketibaan tuan presiden (sape tuan presiden ni???)........... Kmi menuggu..... menuggu... Waiting.. Loading.. And pending...
Akhirnye tibelah tuan presiden yg lagi ensem dr indera di dlm sebuah kereta limousin kancil berwarne merah di mane pemandunye ialah, presiden tersebut sendiri. That is, Zaf. (yg reti ckp german tuu.)

11.15pm - Kami tibe di OU. Ketibaan kami disambut meriah oleh azreen dan madu nad yang telah lame menuggu dgn 6 keping tiket di tangan... Beratur beli popcorn, blablabla, dan kami enter ke dlm cinema pade pukul 11.30pm. Tirai diturunkan pde pukul 11.50pm. The movie starts. ^^

12.30pm - nad ketawe dgn sgt kuat.

12.45pm - uztad yg dah tgk Madagascar 2 tidoooooo....Zzzz....

1.00am - indera pun gelak kuat jugak.

1.05am - terdengar suare zaf berkate2 kpd azreen. madu nad diam je kot.

Akhirnye, 2.20am, ending credit "I LIKE TO MOVE IT" didendangkan~~ Tetapi,mreka mendpati bhawe mereka berase kebuloran,jadi mreka decided ntok lepak di As Safa dimne nad ialah taukenye... ^^ (wpun muke nad tiade ciri2 Shah Rukh Khan.)


In conclusion, lepak punye lepak, gossip2 dan laen2, akhirnye kami pulang ke rumah masing dan ZZZzzzzZZzzzz~


Seorang abang yg dipinjam sebuah kereta oleh kedua ibu bapenye krane mereka melancong di Bandoeng,Indonesia berjanji untuk membawe adeiknye yang bername nad berjalan2 pade pukul 3 atau 4pm.

However, jam di handphone menunjukkan pukul 5.45pm dan batang hidung abang nad masih blom visible di depan gate rumahnye. Jam 6pm, hujan renyai2.... Nad mengangkat baju yang disidai di luar rumah sbelom bajunye basah. At the same time, jiran sebelah rumah beliau yang juge merupakan darling beliau, azreen, mengunjungi rumah.

6.15pm - azreen mengunyah keropok yang digoreng atikah (nenek rumah 65), manakala nad menyidai baju di tangge rumah.

6.15pm, 3 saat kemudian - nad menjerit dgn sangat kuat manakala azreen maseh mengunyah keropok. azreen menoleh ke arah nad dan melihat nad berguling2 di atas lantai.

6.15pm, 10 saat kemudian - nad melihat sebatang thumbnail terpacak dgn sangat DEEP di dalam kaki kirinya. beliau menjerit lagi. kemudian beliau menarik thumbnail tersebut dgn penuh perasaan terseksa. beliau men-toooot dan toooooooooooooooooooooot dengan acceleration 10ms-2. segale jenis binatang, unta, dan juge the famous piggy telah disebut dgn penoh kasih sayang sambil memuji2 kesedapan kaki dipacak thumbnail. mmm.... delicioussssss!!! marvelous!!

6.15pm, 15 saat kemudian - azreen jadi semakin kabut dan x keruan serta panic attack apabila nad tros menyanyikan pujian ke atas kesedapan x terhingga di kaki kirinya. setelah meng-confirm-kan nad bhawe thumbnail tersebot tidak berkarat, azreen menjerit meminta tolong kepade nenek yeanna serta aneh (yang sedang syok ber-ym,no doubt about that). nenek yeanna, aneh dan mia turun ke bawah (they thought ade org tgh give birth). kaki nad berdarah. aneh mengelap dgn lemah lembut menggunekan tisu yang slalu digunekan untuk mengeringkan makanan berminyak. nenek menyapu minyak gamat dengan kepakaran seorg doktor yg xde degree dan melekatkan plaster (jename Watson's),azreen masih panic attack, dan mia menonton dari tepi dengan facial espression seolah2 kaki mia juga dipacak thumbnail. unte dan piggy masih disebut oleh nad. azreen berase bangge dan kagum kerana nad tidak mengeluar "FORK AND SPOON" dengan british accent yang pekat.

6.30pm - FINALLY, abang nad menekan doorbell sambil berpayung oren di depan rumah nad.

6.45pm - Nad dan abangnye mencari highway ke KL sambil mendengar SCORPION yg berkumandang dengan sangat kuat. (road sign kat kl dan selangor ialah road sign yang paling mengelirukan bagi org jb seperti kami.) NEVER TRUST THEM!!

Akhirnye tibe di Plaza Sungai Wang setelah park kereta di TIMES SQUARE dan berjalan di dlm hujan rintik2. Ikram menyesal kerane tidak pergi ke Sunway Piramid instead of Sungai Wang yang sesak dan jam. Pusing2 dalam plaza tersebut tanpa hala tuju. Mereka berase lapar. Singgah di Famous Amos, nad telah membelanje 100g double chocolate chip and pecans. Sambung pusing2, dan mereka masih berase lapar. Ikram berkeputusan untuk pergi berjumpe rakan2nya dan makan bersame mereka. Singgah di Aunt Anne's dan membeli dua biji hotdog pretzel. Ikram belanje. ^^

Misi mencari jalan ke Subang Jaya bermula. Ikram telah mengambil simpang yang salah dan terus masuk ke Shah Alam. Isi minyak. Teruskan perjalanan. Di tengah perjalanan, nad berase kagum melihat Sunway Piramid yang begitu besar dan glowing. Yes, the sphinx and the pyramid glows.. Teruskan perjalanan lagi. Hampir tiba... Sekali lagi nad berase kagum dan excited kerana buat pertame kalinye melihat bangunan Taylor's College. Finally, mereka tiba di ASIA CAFE....

Nad bertemu dengan rakan2 Ikram. Beliau terkejut dengan bilangan mereka yang agak ramai. Sesi interview bermule.. Setelah berkenal-kenalan, sekali lagi Ikram membelanje, LAMB CHOP. ^^

12.30pm - Karaoke!!!!!

1.00am - Nad memilih lagu "Can't Fight the Moonlight" setelah abang beliau dan rakan2nye menyanyi. Beliau berase kagum dgn kemantapan suare mereka.

1.15am - "Standing in the eyes on the world". KOMANWEL!!!

1.30am - Nad diberitahu abangnye bhawe die digelar USHER apebile ber-karaoke. Nad berase nak muntah. "Ikram, usher????? wth!" Kemudian berduet "My Boo" bersame rakan ikram,Edy.

2.00am - "Barbie Girl", duet besame Azam. Nad berase terkejut apabile mengetahui yg die beliau seorang lecturer di sebuah kolej yg terkenal.. Beliau. Sgt. COOL.

2.30am - Ramai2 menyanyikan "Don't wanna close my eyes" AEROSMITH. Nak terkeluar anak tekak.

Seterusnya, kami proceed ke tingkat atas. Pertama kalinye, nad main foosball? foosal? apekemende ntah name bende tu. Beliau satu team dengan Azam dan telah kalah dlm pertarungan sengit itu. 6-5. huaaa~~
Kemudian, nad melihat mereka bermain pool dengan seronok. Beliau telah menyuruh ikram mengajar beliau. Beliau mendapati bahawe bermain pool sangat FUN. ^^

Joe: "Oi, ikram. Adek ko ade bakat terpendam. Lagi terer dr ko nih!"
Ikram : (membuat muke cipan)

haha... See, ikram? I can be good at this too walaupun aku pendek dan kadang2 foul. :p


Begitulah bagaimane nad telah menghabiskan weekendnye.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

a creep is stalking me.
okay,peeps, this is one question i reaaally desperately will-totally-die-if-you-don't-answer need to know about.
if you block someone from a messenger list, will that person be notified about it?
cikai, tak pasal2 aq kene kacau dgn creep nih.
i gotta to delete him from my messenger list,dammit!
but even if i do that, he still has my number..
double damn.
mati la aq mcm ni.
can i avoid a person forever???????????

noOOOooooOOOOooo~~~!!! :((

adui... this person is suppossed to be my friend laa kononnye.
turned out to be some desperate weirdo who can't accept no for an answer laa..
some friend YOU are.
gotta ask fatin about this. how does she deal with him?????????

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

L.O.V.E needs us. as we do,them.

second post of the day... funny how your mood can do a 180 within 6 hours time. (hahaha..) is it weird if i say that i re-discovered the importance of the famous 'L' today?
sometimes i just sit and look at people around me, various questions just popped out outta nowhere. questions like, where do they come from? who is she? what does he do?does he drink coffee? does she speak english? does he change his clothes everyday?
you know, trivial things like that.
and then the BIG question will come too. you guessed it.
the 'L'.
sometimes you gotta wonder what love has done and can do to a person.
leaving my personal experience aside and looking at this in a third party,non-related observer's point of view, i gotta say:
it makes you do some pretty stupid things.
things that are supposed to be simple. things that are complicated. things that are things.
love is a universal thing. it's not one, it's many. and yet in the end it all comes down to the same thing which is love.
if it's a mother's love, it's still love.
if it's a father's love it's still love.
if it's a love among siblings, it's love.
love among friends too, is love.
love of someone special.
love of pets, love of money, love of power, love of material things.
and.... can you imagine to be without any of these?
would you still be human then?
or can we be flesh,blood and bone without any of these?
human beings are made different by God, but don't we all posses this one thing in common: the ability to love.
love is the source of happiness. ironically, love is also the source of all evil.

i'm so emo, i'm a walking cliche of emo-ness

so much for being happy,happy happy.
this is me in character of a tooot and oddly, my character's feelings reflect my own.
all i can say is, this is poison! i shouldn't have let it inside my system, but it's been there for months.i turned a blind eye on it and it became THIS.
suddenly, i feel like eating ketam masak lemak cili padi.
woohoo~ the taste of cili padi on the tongue.... HOTTTTTT!!
it's just what i need right now.
when i feel sad, i eat.
it's simple equation.

sad+angry+emo = BINGE

it's a vicious cycle because when i binge, i feel even worse for all the unhealthy food i'd gobbled down.
i miss my cactus.... wait, but it's downstairs, sitting outside the window.
mr. prickly~~~~~>.<
the nature of your body is synonym to what i feel~~~

see, i'm merepek-ing.
stop(!!!) in the name of cliche.

Monday, November 17, 2008

bestnye jadi pompuan~~ it's good to be a woman! haha!

yeaaaa~~ angie~~~ hahahaha!

yummy~ starbucks^^

hahaaa~~ seriously,guys out there. i know you might say that being a guy is the best because you get to run without your shirt on around the field without getting everyone gawking at you, you get to act stupid and immature and no one can ever complain because we know it's in your nature (hahahah :P), besides that, a guy can also walk around with his jeans riding low on his hips and have his bright red calvin klein boxer or renoma or whatever showing without anyone batting an eyelash on it. (inner beauty.. ^^) a guy can also stay out, hanging around at the mamak up until 3 a.m without anyone looking at you, shaking their heads and saying "PROPRIETY" with their eyes... blablabla~~

BUT, ladies and gentlemen and those who are yet to make up mind,

the big BUt here is, being a woman, is also FUN witha capital 'F'.

you know why?

it's quite subjective on the 'why'. some might say that, we don't have as big a responsibility as a man does, many people are also more lenient towards us women. (being compassionate and caring to women and all) ^^, some might even say, SHOPPING is the best thing about being a woman.

to me, the best thing is...

when we are being treated right.

you know, right as in, treated like a real lady.

i know, my english lecturer said, to say a woman is a lady could also be an insult because a lady is supposed to be weak, helpless, like a damsel in distress waiting the knight in shining armour to come to the rescue,swooning at the very sight of something unpleasant~~~ blablabla (sound like a real ninny to me)

meanwhile, women nowadays just want to be treated as an equal with men. you know, "we are just as strong as them, just as smart, just as reliable,and just as talented."

i would say, no.

we are those and more. huhuuhuuuu~~ :P

anyway,azreen, hani and i pegi secret recipe this afternoon, and the people there belanje us keropok~~ hahahahahah~ some tapioca keropok thingy. taste a bit like this keropok yang we usually eat during raye. ^^

and then we suddenly remembered this one time when we went to Starbucks and the taukeh was there too (a funny guy wearing bermudas and PINK beach shirt (i know right???)). he treated us to this brownie thingy, i dunno what it's called but it tastes damn good!!

ah~~but being the fairer sex is good aint it??

Thursday, November 13, 2008

so near, it's practically touching my back(side).

who knew damn IELTS is so freakin around the corner only??
it's just soo... in my face.
i think the pressure has taken its toll on me finally. it's just a matter of time before i either crack or become stronger.
it's exam week, and through my careful observation i noticed something which should be pretty obvious, but some people just don't get this piece of fact.

different people study in different ways.

now this is true, because i know for a fact that some people study consistently, some study with Marilyn Manson screaming his head off in the background (while others study with Raihan as a background music.that's ok you know. different people just have different preferences. to me, i'll just go, "Hey, whatever floats your boat!" ), some study the night before the actual exam takes place (and get 98% to boot,dammit).....
anyway, my point is, everyone is just different.
so, we shouldn't really get all paranoid, sweaty palms, cold feet and all because people around us are studying.
that's just the way he or she does it. (but they do make us wanna throw slippers at them dont they? hahaha... :P)

i'll just be honest, burning the midnight oil doing P1V1=P2V2 the night before chemistry test, is my style.

i just can't help it! it's like, a fundamental thing. (pfft.) try as might, to talk myself into mastering all the subjects months before, it's just not GONNA WORK!!!! really. this is one bad habit of mine that cannot, cannot be cured. (i make it sound like a freakin disease laa pulak.)

ah, but they also said that laziness is a disease. it's contagious even.. the doctors need to make a medical discovery on this one. because i think it's been plaguing me since i was little. :P

Saturday, November 8, 2008

funny man

and it has to be RED of course!
a penny for your thought,
what do you think of when u hear a movie titled, "KINKY BOOTS"?

when i first walked into class and saw this written on the whiteboard, i thought,
and then i was informed that the whole class had to do a movie review on this one or the other titled "little voice."

i knew right away that i was going to do the kinky one. :P
(was that an indication of something regarding my personality?? no idea. don't go making any far-fetched assumptions now alright........ hahaha)

anyway, i enjoyed it sooooo much that i've watched it a few times now.. ^^
it is a little disturbing, seeing men wearing boots and everything, but you know,

i laughed my head off watching it~~~~~ :))


sheesh, hani and i were practically screaming throughout the most part of the 'milan scene' bcoz of all those shoes~~~~

and 'lola' just...blew me away!
outstanding performance!! bravo,luv! ^^

ah well, but watching this, i don't know who is funnier. the guy in women's frocks and high-heeled latex boots OR my lecturer who chose this movie for us to make a review on. ;P
(i don't mean it in a bad way ofcourse. but you have got to wonder this sometimes if you've had met him.) ^^

mr. ***, juz so u know,

you really are a gem. ^^

Sunday, October 5, 2008

where i turned 'she-hulk'

you know, actually i wrote this a little too late from the actual time and date of the scene and incident. it's soooo not my fault! i had been reaally busy stressing myself out over weeks of tests (and of course, going through them painful questions!), so i think my lack of haste can be justified by blaming those tests. thank god they're over and done with!
(yes, there's still IELTS, but we'll fast forward that until the actual day comes).

so here i am elaborating on the 'when, and 'why' did i turn she-hulk.
(of course not literally. i don't think anyone can actually turn green and ugly and on top of that acquire ballooneed muscles within seconds. not unless he/she is eric bana. but he's cute so i think i can overlook that, straying way out of the main topic!!!)

back to business.

ok, so it all started when i went to OU with my friends on saturday,(i can't remember the date),at 5.45pm. location of the scene: ATM
the queue was waaaaaay too long. but of course, smart girls that €we are, we decided to just use the less busy maybank atm. i mean,hey, we could still use our cimb card to withdraw money from other atm.
so after this one guy had done with his business, we went straight after him to use the machine. however, a lady in the long queue suddenly said to us,
" excuse me, you have to line up here first."

wtf is going on?

so i retorted back,politely still, "but that's the queue for cimb atm. we're using this other machine."
she replied with, "yeah, some of us are using different atms too but we still line up here."

DOUBLE HUH????????????

come on lady,i was tired from tawaf-ing the old wing and new wing of that building and already getting a little mad back there.
do not give me this nonsense!!!!! arghhh!!
but i did check for any, ANY signs at all that maybe stupidly enough could've stated that anyone who wishes to use the atms need to make one verrrrrrryyy LONG queue there.
heheh, guess what?

there was none. nothing dude!!
so someone moronic there must've assumed that anyone who wants to withdraw their money MUST and wajib make one queue for the cimb atm even if you wish to use the other two diffrent atms positioned BESIDE that particular atm.

because we are polite-to-a-fault kind of girls, we let those imbeciles use the atm we had intended to use first.

but i couldn't.

i'm sorry but i couldn't!!!!!!!! argh!!!!!!!!!
i am NOT that kind, and i will not, and NEVER EVER be bullied sooooo verrry easily!!!!!

that was when i turned she-hulk. i went ballistic. enraged,really!
so i let them go first, but i stood beside the machine and reaaaaaallly toooooted about it.
i was all, "why is it that we have to make one queue at the cimb atm even though we actually just want to use the maybank atm??"

okay,i can totally justify myself. let me give an analogy:

if you were a female,you wouldn't line up at the gent's loo when you know you actually want to use the lady's loo,would you???????????????


maybe i got a 'little' emotional.maybe it was my pms. but either way, i refuse to be bullied just because i'm young and i probably look stupid to you too. it's like "hey,look at yourself,very young, not even 18 maybe. you wouldn't know the protocol to use an atm, so why don't i just show you how this process is done."

well, if u think i can be pushed around, think. again. lady.
i may be new to being independent, but at least i KNOW that we can make separate
queues for each atm.
you see, that way we SAVE OUR TIME.

i feel strongly to being bullied and also watching others being bullied.
i guess what happened when you were young would always follow you around like your very own shadow even though many years have passed.
not that i had been bullied big time in the past.
it was just that.... i guess i had been pushed around a little.
But,everytime i had, i striked back.And, that, i was certain, reaaally showed them what i was made up of. Showed them i did. (Gosh, i make it sound as if i'd stabbed someone with a knife to death and end up in a juvy cell!! it was nothing like that, but i certainly retaliated.)

i'm not made up of sugar,spice, and everything nice.
i'm a super woman baby, and don't you forget that. *wink*

p/s: don't mess with me, and i won't mess with you. ^^
i can be cute when i want to~~~
heheh. :PP

Sunday, September 7, 2008

bad day

6th september 2008 was not a good day for me..
i think the chinese will say that,that day has no 'ong'..
i went through a series of trials on the evening of that day!! like i was being punished for something! or, rather, i was like in a highly dangerous,adrenaline kicker mission to whisk the murtabaks at the bazaar away before the hungry dragons in that area gobble them up!!!
i'm not complaining about getting those murtabaks,more like i'd rather if i didn't have to go through so many obstacles that evening....

it all began with me borrowing my friend's bicycle...
ya,tati and i cycled to this bazaar,which is supposedly located behind CP.
but the thing is, when we got there, despite our denial we had to admit that we were indeed lost. after several turns here and there, we finally found the actual bazaar.
wait, not so quick with the "hoorays",people! save it.
it was sooOOOoo, very, very beyond our expectation of how the bazaar should be.
"dirty" and "creepy" won't do the place justice.
it was, DISGUSTINGLY dirty and creeps the hell outta me! not kidding!
i'm serious!
and what's up with the attitude of those men around there??
like tooooooooooooooooooooot.
um, back to the main story, yeah, so we parked our bicycles near a gate. and padlocked them to the gate.this is the interesting part.
i lost the key.
as in, the key to that very same padlock, which chained my friend's bicycle to the gate.
it's lost!!
oh yeah, now i'm panicking reaaaaal bad.
we looked for it on the road where we walked before, but it was nowhere to be found.
thank god the guys were there too!!!!
*crying in gratitude*
so we had to leave the bicycle there,because it was getting dark, and it was drizzling (at first), and it was almost time for breaking fast...
(you can imagine how ugly the situation got on our way back home)
again, the guys were really generous, they lend us one of their bicycle..
*again,crying in gratitude*
they even escorted us halfway back home.the rain was getting heavier by the minute..
i still can't imagine how we'd managed to get home in one piece if it wasn't for the guys.
and, the hard part began! i had to tell this disaster to the owner of the bicycle.
and i did. i did.
she took the bad news calmly enough,i think. i promised her i would get the bicycle back on that night itself. i didn't dare leaving the bic at that creepy place for hours. then she gave me the spare key.
without eating a morsel of food after a whole day of fasting, and without taking half a minute to catch my breath, i practically flew next door to ask for help...
see, i needed a car to get the bicycle back. i thought of putting the bic in the car.
my neighbours were reaaaally kind~~~ !(THANK YOU ppl!!!) >.<
they were about to go buy their supper too, so they drove me and tati(my ever loyal escort. i luv u tati!!) to where the bic was.....
um, not finished.
the bic wouldn't fit into the car.
hello!!!!! what it this??? enough, is enough!!!!!
it was raining, and there we were, struggling and battling with the seats of the car in order to fit the bic in!! what a picture!
and ming chai was laughing the whole time!! (he found the situation funny, so he told)
arrrrrrrrrgggghhh!! frustration!
he made me feel better though. i didn't get too worked up over the whole situation because he kept singing this "we are one big family" line.:)) funny guy.
we gave up in the end. the guys decided to just cycle the bic back home.
see,it was quite a long way back home + the rain.....
and that was how we got the bic safely home...
all i can say is, "NEVER AGAIN!"
ps:- i would like to express my utmost gratiude to those who have helped me. you know who you are. THANK YOU!!"