Friday, August 22, 2008

i love....

purple daisies,chocolate on strawberries..
the smell of new books..
the smell of grass after rain
the thousands of glittering stars in the sky
warm sea breeze
the smell of money! ^^
colours!! pastels,bright,happy colours,vivid and captivating colours~
the sound of my mp3 player at the max volume
shoes shoes shoes and...oh yeah, SHOES!!
my brother's loud electric guitar noise
yayang making weird but totally cute sound,like "mumuuu~~"
nadiah laughing at my sTupid jokes
drawing thousands and thousands of unfinished drawings
cats (furry furry furry~~~~gaaa!!)
jason mraz's cooing voice
matt bellamy's fingers on guitar strings
johnny depp. definitely.
singing at the top of my lungs.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

fever fever fever!!!


feeling a bit under the weather...
but i guess i'm feeling better today. compared to the previous monday!!!!!!
i call it the 'msian studies fever'
or flu. or virus.

urgh!! (blowing nose)

yep, monday was definitely worse.
my face was beet red!! or lobster red, whichever u prefer,
and i had rashes all over me!!!!
it was like an allergic reaction even though i'd never had any mind you!
panic la, ape lagi!!!
i go to bed thinking that it could be my last night on this earth. (!!)

i'm a drama queen. i know.

but i recover fast, faster than claire bennet!!!! :p(heheh..)

<) - - "(>
( (oo) )
< i'm fine everyone! dun worry!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


aku ngantuks.....
so many things to do! so little time!
gilo ape??
hectic,hectic hectic dan aku ngantuk..
rumah kene komplen sbb bising sgt..
whats dis??? it's insane!
if the house was set up with sound proof walls,xpe la jugak!
mcm kat dlm GSC tu...
pastu baru la takde bunyi2 yg x seronok ni.

p/s:-aku still ngantok.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

save the money,save the world. (God, dah lame x tgk HEROES!!)

ooohh la la~~
setelah sekian lamenye aku tunggu....
I dun have to starve anymore!!! hahaha! ^^
yeah bebeyh!
the irony is, i thot after duit dah masuk, naik la miang aku nak joli abis2!
but then, went to mid yesterday, dgn niat suci to buy new shoes!!!! (again?!)
(girls can never have too many shoes) :P
tapi ntah nape, rase sayang nak spend my money on them......
i know,i know, "wth" rite?
honestly, all i was thinking yesterday was,
"i need new shoes, but i dont want to part with my $$$!!!!"
it's so frustrating.
and yet, beneficial for me!
i mean, yes,the money practically showered down from the sky,
(although i do have to pay for it later...)
but spending unwisely is a big NO-NO.
those days were long gone!
now, i am more mature than i used to be, wiser, tougher,
so i definitely can resist the temptation!!!
grrrrrll power! ^^

Friday, August 8, 2008

books are my drugs.

i love books. really.
novels or fictions specifically. i don't read factual stuff much, i found it a bit too much to stomach. after all, i read in free time, when i'm feeling oh-so lazy to do anything else, and when the bed looks so inviting, yet the mood to sleep does not come......

after about 2 years of reading romance novels only and teen fiction, i am seriously considering of trying other kinds of books. a thriller maybe, like darren shan. i think darren shan was the only teen thriller book i'd ever read. but darren shan was very,VERY different from other teen fictions. if any of you havent read the book, you'd better.
seriously. i'm not joking. *wink wink* (inside joke, sorry!!)
the book doesn't use bombastic words, it's simple english, really.
but somehow, the author manage to convey the characters' feelings very clearly,
and there are hidden messages in every sentences he delivered.
i can still remember very vividly how i cried (literally) and screamed in frusration when a highly tense situation came up in the book!!!
it's harry potter all over again!!!!

my friends always tell me how i get all emo over some stupid book. BUT that's exactly the point! it's not just some stupid book!!
dare to argue with me?
well, eveidence A, read harry potter. and then you tell me if you don't feel what i feel when i read hp!

hmm... what else then?
right. i've been looking forward to read some of jodi picoult's books. but i havent come round to that.....
malas-ness syndrome. I KNOW.
nak bace buku cite pun malas... eeee...
bad, bad habit of mine. :p
i borrowed my sister's keeper from my cousin,(she lurrvvves piccoult!) but still i havent read it yet. (i think it was last year,some time in july maaaaybe.thought i'd read it after spm but YET!.....)

alright already! i promise i'll read it after i've read the books my cousin gave me for my birthday!!!

oh,yeah, they gave me books for my birthday!!! luv them!
the books are marshmallow for breakfast by Dorothy Koomson and three cups of tea by Greg Mortenson.
the latter is a true story i think. aaaaarghh~~~~ i cant wait to read them!!!!
here i come bebeyh!! wait for me yea!
cuz rite now i'm reading twilight by Stephenie Meyer.
i know, i know, yet another teen fiction.
but! i read that after i'd finished blood of flower by Anita Amirrezvani. which is still a fiction, but not a teenage fiction... if i could justify myself by mentioning that... :p

and i think after this i'm going to buy the second book of the twilight saga,
new moon, eclipse, and, oh, breaking dawn has just been released!!!
happy happy happy~~~!!! ^^
and maybe my best friend's girl, also by Dorothy Koomson.

i'm a book junkie. :))
and bookstores are my heaven.

p/s: in case you're wondering, i do study academic books okay. just not as often as i read novels. and i guess that'll get me into hot soup. but we'll come to that later. (i'm optimistic, i know!) *wink*
or stupid.