Sunday, October 5, 2008

where i turned 'she-hulk'

you know, actually i wrote this a little too late from the actual time and date of the scene and incident. it's soooo not my fault! i had been reaally busy stressing myself out over weeks of tests (and of course, going through them painful questions!), so i think my lack of haste can be justified by blaming those tests. thank god they're over and done with!
(yes, there's still IELTS, but we'll fast forward that until the actual day comes).

so here i am elaborating on the 'when, and 'why' did i turn she-hulk.
(of course not literally. i don't think anyone can actually turn green and ugly and on top of that acquire ballooneed muscles within seconds. not unless he/she is eric bana. but he's cute so i think i can overlook that, straying way out of the main topic!!!)

back to business.

ok, so it all started when i went to OU with my friends on saturday,(i can't remember the date),at 5.45pm. location of the scene: ATM
the queue was waaaaaay too long. but of course, smart girls that €we are, we decided to just use the less busy maybank atm. i mean,hey, we could still use our cimb card to withdraw money from other atm.
so after this one guy had done with his business, we went straight after him to use the machine. however, a lady in the long queue suddenly said to us,
" excuse me, you have to line up here first."

wtf is going on?

so i retorted back,politely still, "but that's the queue for cimb atm. we're using this other machine."
she replied with, "yeah, some of us are using different atms too but we still line up here."

DOUBLE HUH????????????

come on lady,i was tired from tawaf-ing the old wing and new wing of that building and already getting a little mad back there.
do not give me this nonsense!!!!! arghhh!!
but i did check for any, ANY signs at all that maybe stupidly enough could've stated that anyone who wishes to use the atms need to make one verrrrrrryyy LONG queue there.
heheh, guess what?

there was none. nothing dude!!
so someone moronic there must've assumed that anyone who wants to withdraw their money MUST and wajib make one queue for the cimb atm even if you wish to use the other two diffrent atms positioned BESIDE that particular atm.

because we are polite-to-a-fault kind of girls, we let those imbeciles use the atm we had intended to use first.

but i couldn't.

i'm sorry but i couldn't!!!!!!!! argh!!!!!!!!!
i am NOT that kind, and i will not, and NEVER EVER be bullied sooooo verrry easily!!!!!

that was when i turned she-hulk. i went ballistic. enraged,really!
so i let them go first, but i stood beside the machine and reaaaaaallly toooooted about it.
i was all, "why is it that we have to make one queue at the cimb atm even though we actually just want to use the maybank atm??"

okay,i can totally justify myself. let me give an analogy:

if you were a female,you wouldn't line up at the gent's loo when you know you actually want to use the lady's loo,would you???????????????


maybe i got a 'little' emotional.maybe it was my pms. but either way, i refuse to be bullied just because i'm young and i probably look stupid to you too. it's like "hey,look at yourself,very young, not even 18 maybe. you wouldn't know the protocol to use an atm, so why don't i just show you how this process is done."

well, if u think i can be pushed around, think. again. lady.
i may be new to being independent, but at least i KNOW that we can make separate
queues for each atm.
you see, that way we SAVE OUR TIME.

i feel strongly to being bullied and also watching others being bullied.
i guess what happened when you were young would always follow you around like your very own shadow even though many years have passed.
not that i had been bullied big time in the past.
it was just that.... i guess i had been pushed around a little.
But,everytime i had, i striked back.And, that, i was certain, reaaally showed them what i was made up of. Showed them i did. (Gosh, i make it sound as if i'd stabbed someone with a knife to death and end up in a juvy cell!! it was nothing like that, but i certainly retaliated.)

i'm not made up of sugar,spice, and everything nice.
i'm a super woman baby, and don't you forget that. *wink*

p/s: don't mess with me, and i won't mess with you. ^^
i can be cute when i want to~~~
heheh. :PP