Monday, March 16, 2009

this is plagiarism..

-Mardy bUm-

Now then mardy bum
I see you frowning it's like looking down the barrel of a gun
And it goes off
And out come all these words
Oh, theres' a very pleasant side to you,
a side I much prefer
It's one that laughs and jokes around
Remember cuddles in the kitchen
To get things off the ground, and it was
Up,up and away,
But it's right hard to remember that on a day like today
When you're all argumentative
And you've got that face on.

Now then mardy bum,
Oh, i'm in trouble again, aren't i?
I thought as much
Cos you've turned over there
Pulling that silent dissapointment face,
The one that i can't bear
Well can't we just laugh and joke around?
Remember cuddles in the kitchen yeah,
to get things off the ground, and it was,
Up,up and away
But it's right hard to remember that
On a day like today
When you're all argumentative
And you've got that face on

I'm sorry I was late
But i missed the train and the traffic was a state
And i can't be arsed to carry on in this debate that reoccurs
Oh, when you say i don't care,
But of course I do,
I clearly do.

So laugh and joke around,
remember cuddles in the kitchen yeah,
To get things off the ground and it was,
Up,up and away,
Still it's right hard to remember that
on a day like today
When you're all..
Argumentative, and you've got that face on.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

it's just a blog....

okay, i just have one thing to make clear here alright?

a blog, is just a blog.....

x perlu laa merase upset sebab membace blog aq.

and, while it's true what i wrote reflects what i feel, or what i think,

it's better to not read too freakin much into it!

don't assume too much!

you'll be wrong!

i have learned my lesson. once, i read a statement in a blog that made me think, "...what...???"

but, okay, to be fair, we dunt really know that person.

i admit, that i was wrong. i have forgotten all about it anyway. it was such a stupid thing.

so, here i am, trying to explain to everyone, that whatever it is,


i know words are mightier than a sword.

but how can something non-offensive be so antagonising anyway?????

so you see, it's all based on your interpretation.

What i write here, is not everything that i am.

If i dun tell anyone in my blog that i dun like milo,

that doesnt mean i like milo.

so you see, there are A LOT, i mean, A LOT!!! of things that i dunt put up in my blog.

because to me... it's just A blog.

my blog represent a part of me.


anyway, most of the time, the things that i dun say is actually more meaningful than the things i say.

some things, are just too much too say with words.

some things, are also too special to express with mere words.

some things, are more than words.

so listen, if you are gonna weigh down all the words i have ever said to you,

than it's never gonna be enough.

because things that i hold dear to me, are never really spoken.

to me, what i do, counts more than what i say.

because words can be fictitious.

words can be string together but holds no meaning in them.

words can be said just for the sake of making people listen to them feel good.


instead of words..

i choose actions.


actions speaks louder than words right?

unless of course, you're a real great talker

then perhaps there may be no need for actions.

but, i'm such a lousy talker.

i talk silly things.

i talk rubbish.

and i prefer actions than mere words.

The irony is, i'm such a talkative person. But you can never rely on my words. Because what i say holds no meaning.

It's what i do.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

orang suke merajuk??

wahai orang yang suke merajuk,

sile jgn merajuk.

saye tidak suke orang yang merajuk

kerana saye malas hendak memujuk.

saye x mahu mengutuk,

tapi kadang2 kamu mcm nak sye tumbuk.

jgn bwat perangai mcm budak,

sebab umur kamu dah buley jadi bapak.

kawan,x nak kawan,kawan,

kadang2 sye mcm nak jadik sawan,

dengan karenah kamu yg x menawan.

i repeat;
dun put me in a difficult situation.
because i might just hate u if u continually act like an immature kid,
who accuses, whines and suddenly got all upset with me for no reason at all.
and u just got to know me after all,
what makes u think u know me that well already?

tu je.
post ni bukan mngenai sesape yg membace blog ni.