Sunday, September 7, 2008

bad day

6th september 2008 was not a good day for me..
i think the chinese will say that,that day has no 'ong'..
i went through a series of trials on the evening of that day!! like i was being punished for something! or, rather, i was like in a highly dangerous,adrenaline kicker mission to whisk the murtabaks at the bazaar away before the hungry dragons in that area gobble them up!!!
i'm not complaining about getting those murtabaks,more like i'd rather if i didn't have to go through so many obstacles that evening....

it all began with me borrowing my friend's bicycle...
ya,tati and i cycled to this bazaar,which is supposedly located behind CP.
but the thing is, when we got there, despite our denial we had to admit that we were indeed lost. after several turns here and there, we finally found the actual bazaar.
wait, not so quick with the "hoorays",people! save it.
it was sooOOOoo, very, very beyond our expectation of how the bazaar should be.
"dirty" and "creepy" won't do the place justice.
it was, DISGUSTINGLY dirty and creeps the hell outta me! not kidding!
i'm serious!
and what's up with the attitude of those men around there??
like tooooooooooooooooooooot.
um, back to the main story, yeah, so we parked our bicycles near a gate. and padlocked them to the gate.this is the interesting part.
i lost the key.
as in, the key to that very same padlock, which chained my friend's bicycle to the gate.
it's lost!!
oh yeah, now i'm panicking reaaaaal bad.
we looked for it on the road where we walked before, but it was nowhere to be found.
thank god the guys were there too!!!!
*crying in gratitude*
so we had to leave the bicycle there,because it was getting dark, and it was drizzling (at first), and it was almost time for breaking fast...
(you can imagine how ugly the situation got on our way back home)
again, the guys were really generous, they lend us one of their bicycle..
*again,crying in gratitude*
they even escorted us halfway back home.the rain was getting heavier by the minute..
i still can't imagine how we'd managed to get home in one piece if it wasn't for the guys.
and, the hard part began! i had to tell this disaster to the owner of the bicycle.
and i did. i did.
she took the bad news calmly enough,i think. i promised her i would get the bicycle back on that night itself. i didn't dare leaving the bic at that creepy place for hours. then she gave me the spare key.
without eating a morsel of food after a whole day of fasting, and without taking half a minute to catch my breath, i practically flew next door to ask for help...
see, i needed a car to get the bicycle back. i thought of putting the bic in the car.
my neighbours were reaaaally kind~~~ !(THANK YOU ppl!!!) >.<
they were about to go buy their supper too, so they drove me and tati(my ever loyal escort. i luv u tati!!) to where the bic was.....
um, not finished.
the bic wouldn't fit into the car.
hello!!!!! what it this??? enough, is enough!!!!!
it was raining, and there we were, struggling and battling with the seats of the car in order to fit the bic in!! what a picture!
and ming chai was laughing the whole time!! (he found the situation funny, so he told)
arrrrrrrrrgggghhh!! frustration!
he made me feel better though. i didn't get too worked up over the whole situation because he kept singing this "we are one big family" line.:)) funny guy.
we gave up in the end. the guys decided to just cycle the bic back home.
see,it was quite a long way back home + the rain.....
and that was how we got the bic safely home...
all i can say is, "NEVER AGAIN!"
ps:- i would like to express my utmost gratiude to those who have helped me. you know who you are. THANK YOU!!"

a short break

finally ppl! a short break, away from it all! away from all the pressure,high expectations,and rivalry (if there is one)....
i knew i needed this break badly when i almost had a breakdown in class for the past 3 weeks....>.<
in chem, i got soOooo irritated bcos i couldn't remember what was supposedly last year's topic. i was like, "argh!!! i'm screwed!!"
1_1 *sob sob*
and don't get me started about physics...
i dun even know where to begin~~!!!! *wailing~~~*
so when my family visited me on merdeka day, i was super,SUPER relieved!!! it was nice to see familiar faces around..
ikram is still as botak and annoying as ever, yayang is of course, her usual cute self (i effin miss her!!!mumuuu~~), mak looks a bit thin...hmmm.. abah,err, gained weight??? (if that's possible.....) :P
And,we went to cameron highlands!!!!!! after soOo long! haha!
all the way along the highways,mak and abah, as is normal,were sparring with words (gosh, i know i don't miss that!),
then we went to the strawberry farm!!
strawberries~~~~~~!! kyaa~~! ^^
oh, and i bought 3 cacti! (plural for cactus)(the word cactuses does not exist,does it?)
they're cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *blissful expression*
ok,now i'm making weird faces! ^^
but it's been 2 month since i left home and had never come back since...
i miss home..
it's Ramadhan now! in other words, the fasting month!! :))
oh, god, sahur and breaking fast with my friends here are super fun!! ^^
i'm glad.. :)

Happy Fasting Month~! ^^