Tuesday, July 29, 2008

surprise surprise!

"Let's take out the cake!"

I pushed aside the empty box of mcChicken and looked at Nana across the table. We had just eaten french fries,burgers and apple pie and yet our hunger was not sated!!!

"Sure,why not!" answered Mia. And everyone around the table noddded their agreement.

So i went to the kitchen,took out the cake out of the fridge,and put it on the table in the living room. I was pouring mango juice into mugs when suddenly Azreen who lives next door popped out at the front door,calling out my name in excitement.

"NAAAAAD~~~~~~!!!!!" ^^


"C'mere, i've got lots of things to tell you!!"

"Er,can it wait? I gotta cut my cake! You're welcome to join of of coz! n ur housemates too!"

"No,no,no,no,come on!!! Now!!!"

Aaaand she dragged me all the way to her room. I was practically kidnapped!!!!

Some time later of having been 'held captive' by her,i was finally released and allowed to go home. And i thought to myself, "My cake must have melted!ARGH! And my housemates must have been waiting for me!"

But then there ws no one in the living room.

So i went upstairs.....

And suddenly,


I waS speechless. Totally didn't expect that. And how sweet of them!!!!!

It was the best surprise birthday party i'd ever haD!!!

Thanx!!!! LUV ya guyz~! >3<

Thursday, July 17, 2008

cogito ergo sum

no. freakin.waaaayyy
it's all happening too fast!

And so my life as a college student starts....

So many new faces!! TOO many things to catch up with!!!

IELTS??? And gettin a band >7???!!
Not imposibble. But it is gonna be difficult............ (like, DUH)

I'm glad that i don't really feel out of place over here. I suppossed i imagined that everything would be...rocky at the beginning. If not for everyone,then maybe just me.
But! So far so good!!


Hit me wif everything u've got! Bring it.