Thursday, June 3, 2010

do the sweet thing

I want to
dance in the rain because I'm happy for you
run across a green field with my face turned towards sky heaven
never ever want to stop smiling because
I'm happy for you
You know when something good happens to someone close to you, and although it doesn't happen to you but you feel so so so glad and happy because you know how happy that other person is? I want to scream in glee and hug you and kiss you and shout so the whole world can hear, "See?"
Send another roses, make the girl happy
call at midnight, she'll sleep with a smile on her face
and in her sleep she'll dream of you
when she wakes up, she'll search for your face in the morning
talk to her, she misses your voice
oh stranger, if only you knew how much she loves you
do the sweet thing because in everything you do
she'll know you love her too

Please please please say you do
because i hope you do



Liyana said...

nad, nih pasal sape? :P

natto said...


kau nk aq jwb ke??